Troy Miller Logo Orange bLACK psdHi please leave me introduce myself. My friends call me TRoy Miller. I am a full time auctioneer that love to sell and work the sale ring. I can sell anything and I mean anything.

My favorite thing is to make the auction that I am working enjoyable and fun. I know how to work the crowd to get the maximum price on the items that is being sold.  I am the auctioneer or working the ring I will get the last dollar out for the seller.

First I would like to say that I am fully insured and bonded. I have General Lability and O and E Insurance to cover myself if I would do something. Please look at my resume and this is just a small portion of my talent. I can travel all over the World for you. As my Slogan says HAVE GAVEL WILL TRAVEL!

Here is a list of states that I can sell in due to the education that I have received.

Alabama                     Alaska                         Arizona                        Arkansas

California                    Colorado                      Connecticut                 Delaware

Florida                         Georgia                       Hawaii                         Idaho

Illinois                          Indiana                        Iowa                            Kansas

Kentucky                     Louisiana                     Maine                          Maryland

Massachusetts            Michigan                     Minnesota                   Mississippi

Missouri                      Montana                     Nebraska                    Nevada

New Hampshire          New Jersey                 New Mexico               New York

North Carolina            North Dakota             Ohio                            Oklahoma

Oregon                        Pennsylvania              Rhode Island               South Carolina

South Dakota              Tennessee                   Texas                           Utah

Vermont                     Virginia                       Washington                West Virginia

Wisconsin                    Wyoming       

As you can see I can travel all over the USA with the education that I have.  I have a full crew to just myself. I love to sell and would love to dell for you remember


TRoy Info Business Card July 2016


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