Letter of Recommendation


To:          Whom it may concern

From:    Shawn J Dostie, Auctioneer

20066 TR 310

Coshocton, OH 43812

RE:          Troy Miller, PA Auctioneer

I had the opportunity to hire an auctioneer for a large auction that I was conducting in Long Island, NY.

Having been in CAI (Certified Auctioneer Institute) with him for 2 years, I not only hired him, but his wife and son, for various functions as well. I was very pleased with my decision, as Troy was punctual, gracious, knew the stresses of the lead auctioneer and took his role professionally, and made it worry free for me as well. I also had him call a significant amount of bids for me and found him to be competent, and in control of the crowd so that I could alternately relax, and take care of issues as they cropped up. I highly recommend him. If you have any questions, feel free to call me @ (740) 622-8350 or email @ CoshoctonAuctions@gmail.com


Shawn J Dostie, Auctioneer